How it works?

acquiring Domi

Everytime you pay in any of the stores or retailers accepting cryptocurrencies with domitai, you will receive a % in Domi tokens, this is how the tokens come to circulation.

Paying fees with Domi

You can save up to 50% on trading fees in, where you can buy and sell bitcoin, ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies, also you can pay with domi in any store or retailer using Domitai.

Domi Markets

You will be able to change your domis for cryptocurrencies and fiat money in Domitai and other exchanges

The Domitai Foundation

From all the tokens used to pay fees in domitai, 50% will be send to the foundation and 50% will be recirculated to the merchants, domitai do not sale tokens in any way.

Be a part of our massive adoption campaign with Domi!

The idea behind Domi is to give more reasons to people to pay with cryptocurrencies, we want crypto to flourish and for that we need merchants and businesses adoption.

With our easy-to-use point of sale, we allow anyone to accept cryptocurrencies in a way they can receive any payment in any cryptocurrency and instantly to be converted to any crypto or currency of their choice including fiat and stable-coins.

Also with our referral system each time you help a business to accept cryptocurrencies with our pos, you will receive a life-time % of the crypto sales of your referred businesses.

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Use our point of sale in your business and help us grow!

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